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"In December, I bought five June $2.50 option contracts
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-Al S.

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With just one trade per week... held for an average of just one day... these individuals are up 62%... during a time in which the S&P 500 is DOWN 7%.

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I'm talking about gains of $1,094 in 72 hours...$1,169 in 27 hours...$1,989 in 30 hours... even $2,728 in 19 hours!

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"Net $1,550 gain on my $1,475 invested =
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Now, you've no doubt heard that trading options is extremely risky. You might even know people who lost a lot of money trading options.

The notion that options trading is extremely dangerous is a myth.

Options trading is no riskier than trading stocks. The reason people believe options are riskier is because they have no idea what they're doing and make extremely risky trades.

The Crisis Trader only trades low-risk/ high probability trades. If a trade requires undue risk for extra gains, we don't make it.

As a result of this careful risk management, since 2015 this trading system has maintained a win-rate of 76%, meaning we made money on more than THREE out of every FOUR trades.

Again, this isn't some short-term winning streak... we've maintained this success rate for EIGHT YEARS STRAIGHT.

And our clients have more than DOUBLED the performance of the S&P 500 over the same time period (182% vs 89%)... ALL WITH JUST ONE TRADE PER WEEK... USUALLY HELD FOR A SINGLE DAY!

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"Your recommended XXX trade has been a real gem;
I jumped in at $2.40 just after signing up for
your newsletter we're currently at $3.69
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but it's looking like we'll close today
easily north of a 50% gain on that trade.

~Ron D.

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