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Now, you've probably heart that trading options is risky. You might even know people who lost money trading options.

The reason for this is that most traders have no idea what they are doing with options.

Options trading is no riskier than trading stocks. The reason people believe they are riskier is because they're making extremely risky trades.

The Crisis Trader only trades low-risk/ high probability trades. If a trade requires undue risk for extra gains, we don't make it.

As a result of this careful risk management, since 2015 this trading system has maintained a win-rate of 76%, meaning we made money on THREE out of every FOUR trades.

Bear in mind, this success rate is for EIGHT YEARS STRAIGHT!!!


Now, we cannot maintain this success rate with thousands of traders following these trades... This is a very exclusive trading system that we only make available to those who are serious about making real money from their trading.

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