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Dear Investor:

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Maybe you're an options trader already. Or just looking for more 'juice' in your investments than you're getting now. If so, The Crisis Trader (TCT) was created specifically for you.

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It's been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so take a good look at this:

As you can see, we're up over 269% since inception ...crushing the returns from stocks and other asset classes... and we're just getting started!

I think you'll agree that 269%% real profits -- not hypothetical profits -- is an exceptional performance. This is a high-octane service that delivers exactly what it promises!

What TCT Isn't

Some options services out there promise massive gains in a few weeks (many 100's of percent). Which sounds like a great way to make big money really fast. Until you look at their track record. Then you find out -- often the hard way -- that those "great" results were based on entering the trade at the lowest recorded price for that particular options contract. And then exiting at the highest tick.

This is a highly misleading (dare I say fraudulent) way to represent the returns on offer. So if you've been burned by one of these services in the past, you have my sympathy!

You'll be pleased to know that The Crisis Trader does not operate based on theoretical returns.
It's based on realistic entry and exit points at which a live trader can get filled on his orders.

That 269% returns three years is real money!

You'll find that the virtually all the wealthiest traders in history have been the ones with the most consistent track records. That's the name of the game with The Crisis Trader. Regular, simple trades with specific entry and exit points. Regular profits. Regular wealth-building.

If you're not satisfied with making 20-30% over several months or a year, then seriously consider The Crisis Trader to meet your aggressive profit needs. Here's exactly what you get as a subscriber...

  • Regular The Crisis Trader issues published Tuesday morning before noon (the specific time is based on the market's moves)
  • Market action-based The Crisis Trader email alerts telling you when to sell a position the minute it's time to do so
  • A special Trading Guide that that suggests how to best follow TCT trades
  • FIVE hard hitting investment reports outlining trading secrets used by trading legends to maximize profits and limit losses
  • A 30 day money-back guarantee to ensure you're completely satisfied that The Crisis Trader delivers on its promises

Sign up now to get access to the specific trading opportunities I suggest and the detailed reasoning behind each one! You'll find my track record is excellent:

TRACK RECORD: Trade success rate: 72% ... Average winner: 30% ...
Average holding period: less than 7 days

SINCE INCEPTION: the The Crisis Trader (TCT) performance has blown away the S&P 500 since inception (compare a 269% return vs. the S&P 500's 31%)

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Try TCT with a 30 day money back guarantee.
And there's no autorenewals! If you don't want to continue, there's no additional billing!

"I signed up just 30 days ago. Every single trade you’ve given me has been a winner. Thanks so much!

-John H.


Graham Summers
Chief Market Strategist
Phoenix Capital Research

P.S. There are only a limited number of The Crisis Trader subscriptions available -- I won't let the service expand to the point where readers can't get fills on their orders. Sign up now to ensure you get your spot.

"Thanks for the service. I've made my subscription fee back within 2 weeks."

-Brad A.